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Why aren’t my Logback Log Files Rolling Over?

It’s probably due to your file name configuration in the appender section of the Logback.xml file. Logback does not like relative file paths! Make sure that both your appender -> file value and the rollingPolicy -> fileNamePattern values have an … Continue reading

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Setting up a VPN connection on Mac OS X

If you’re new to OS X, here is a great step-by-step instruction guide to setting up a vpn connection. Mac OS X 10.5 VPN. Once you have that done, you may wish to connect to your Windows machine at work.  … Continue reading

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Using AJAX with Spring MVC

Update Since the release of Spring 3.0, AJAX with Spring MVC has been greatly simplified.  SpringSource hosts some excellent sample applications demonstrating Spring MVC, and the “mvc-ajax” sample uses a dead simple technique for accomplishing what I’ve described below.  If … Continue reading

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Fixing the Jenia4Faces Popup Calendar in Firefox

Our company is still using a mash of technologies in our JSF 1.1 website.  We’ve always liked the Jenia4Faces calendar popup component for its ease of use.  However, development on that code appears to have ceased long ago and we’ve … Continue reading

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Setting the JDK for the Eclipse IDE

SumitBando commented that the eclipse.ini file has become STS.ini in recent versions of STS. If you’re using Spring’s modified version of eclipse, look for that file instead. I am a confirmed intelliJ user for Java programming, but I have been … Continue reading

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Adios Glassfish?

Glen Kunene writes an interesting entry on the devX editor’s blog that attempts to devine Oracle’s intentions with various Java projects.  It is Oracle’s stated intention that Sun will contribute $1.5 Billion dollars of net revenue this year.  As Glen … Continue reading

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Double Brace Initialization

In the “where have you been all my life” category, comes this gem sent to me by my boss.  It’s this link to a wonderful site that contains a wealth of information on Java idioms.  This one specifically deals with … Continue reading

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