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Why aren’t my Logback Log Files Rolling Over?

It’s probably due to your file name configuration in the appender section of the Logback.xml file. Logback does not like relative file paths! Make sure that both your appender -> file value and the rollingPolicy -> fileNamePattern values have an … Continue reading

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STS in OS X – Where’s the sts.ini? | Javalobby

One of the most popular articles on this blog deals with the eclipse and STS .ini configuration file. Here is a blog post from that identifies the location on a Mac.

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If I wanted America to fail

This is so well done. It perfectly frames the decision facing our country in November.

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The Journal Science – Free the code | Watts Up With That?

This is so important. With this rule in place, actual scientific discussion can take place regarding the accuracy of computer generated models. I keep a copy of the computer code that was leaked in climategate 1 on a usb drive … Continue reading

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Picture This: The Buffett Rule vs. Obama’s Budget

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The Met Office COPing response | Watts Up With That?

The embarrassing track record of MET office temperature predictions.

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Bizarre: Carbon footprint used to deny medical visit | Watts Up With That?

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