Global Warming Hoax Reports begin Trickling into US Media

The Washington Times is running a story today that summarizes the damning statements made by professor Phil Jones in the wake of Climategate.  Wesley Pruden characterizes Dr. Jones as “an archbishop in the Church of Global Warming.” An excellent analogy, but not one that will be well received by the congregation.

The New York Post is also running a similar story that puts Phil Jones’ BBC interview under the same unfavorable light.  It also goes a step further and mentions the myriad errors in the IPCC reports that have been flowing forth.

It should be noted that both these stories follow yesterday’s UK Daily Mail story very closely.  Kudos to the British Press for following this story.

Finally the venerable Wall Street Journal is running a story that concentrates on the IPCC scams.

The major network news channels are still devoid of any coverage on these issues, and I honestly don’t expect that to change.  Nevertheless, these news stories in this market represent a a truly remarkable shift in the media’s attitude about Global Warming’s “settled” science.

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