Climategate U-turn: Astonishment as scientist at centre of global warming email row admits data not well organised | Mail Online

Disgraced Climate Scientist, Phil Jones PhD.

This is a shocking admission to hear from Dr. Phil Jones – of all people. It’s very satisfying to hear one of the main scammers admit that the “settled science” created by a “consensus” of over “2500” scientists is – and always has been – a complete fraud.  However, that’s not news to people who have studied the issue.

What’s more amazing is the utterly horrible state of the data that has been the bedrock of studies used to justify billions in government spending.  To call it ‘amateur’ would be a gross insult to students and aspiring professors everywhere.

That a tenured professor trusted as gatekeeper of the most influential global temperature data sets would allow it to fall into such a disorganized state – and portions of it to be “lost” – borders on the criminal. Does that sound a little too “James Hansen” to you?  Consider this: Dr. Jones is well aware that these data sets underpin the IPCC reports and myriad other studies.  His efforts to thwart freedom of information requests is well documented in the Climategate emails.  He should be keenly aware of how much public spending has been wasted (including grants to his university and department) as a result of his work.  He knew his position was unsupportable, yet perpetuated the illusion to the best of his ability.  This is fraud at its most basic level.

Were it not for the leaking of the Climategate emails, and his subsequent dismissal, Dr. Jones would not be in his desperate, depressed state, discussing crucial details that the rest of the Global Warming Machine wish would remain hidden and unpublished.  As things stand, he is progressively betraying the sacred cows of the AGW industry.  “Climate experts” have long equated skeptic’s assertions with that of denying the holocaust, and now we have these bullet points directly from one of the founding fathers of the man-made global warming zealots:

  • Data for the “hockey stick graph” is missing.
  • There has been no global warming since 1995.
  • Warming periods have happened before – but not due to man.

The unraveling of the hoax is delicious to observe.  It will be interesting to see how long it is able to survive in the United States, where this information is subject to a complete media blackout.  Thank God for the internet and independent news outlets.

Climategate U-turn: Astonishment as scientist at centre of global warming email row admits data not well organised | Mail Online.

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