What Happens When You’re All Out of Warming?

Arm chair environmentalists stare blankly at me – as if I was wearing a tin-foil hat – when I confront their deeply held beliefs regarding climate myths in the media.  Invariably, they are incredulous over two points: First, that I’m not buying the dire predictions or purported current state of affairs presented by the AGW scaremongers and, secondly, that I would dare suggest that the motivation behind Global Warming legislation and regulation is purely political and has no basis in climate science.

The New York Times is running an article today about the challenges facing political and environmental leaders to garner ebbing public support for their cause.  However, they’re not seeking a solution that uses scientific data to support their position; rather, they have tasked ecoAmerica, an environmental marketing firm, to repackage the message.

If you still think that Global Warming policy is not about greater central planning and increased taxation on business, read on to learn the perspective held by the politicians and their Washington marketing firms about your ability to understand the issues involved.

Seeking to Save the Planet, With a Thesaurus – NYTimes.com

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