Adios Glassfish?

Glen Kunene writes an interesting entry on the devX editor’s blog that attempts to devine Oracle’s intentions with various Java projects.  It is Oracle’s stated intention that Sun will contribute $1.5 Billion dollars of net revenue this year.  As Glen points out, Sun has not been very profitable as of late, and many of Sun’s pet project are heavily funded and staffed, without contribuing anything toward the bottom line.  It goes without saying that Sun will undergo some major cost reductions in order to meet Oracle’s goal.  Job cuts will be a major part of the restructuring, then Oracle will need to choose which products to continue and which one to cut loose.

The speculation surrounding Glassfish focuses on two areas, it’s position as the J2EE application sever reference standard, and the fact that it directly competes with Oracle’s existing WebLogic product.  Most analyst speculation on the deal points to Sun’s hardware and Solaris operationg system as the prime reasons for the acquisition, so it’s really anybody’s guess if Oracle will incorporate Glassfish technology into WebLogic, leave it alone in its current OpenSource existence, or cut funding entirely.

Having used both WebLogic and GlassFish, my hands down personal preference is GlassFish so – obviously – I would hate to see the project canceled.  It’s going to be an interesting in the upcoming months, watching what happens as the business decisions run their course.

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