The EPA, CO2 and Climate Change

I spend more time talking about climate change than any other political subject.  Linked below is an excellent article about the recent EPA decision to regulate CO2 as a greenhouse gass “pollutant” that is harmful to humans.

Many people consider climate science to be far too complex for the average person to understand.  It couldn’t be further from the truth.  If you earned passing grades in you high school science class (and you attended that school before the curriculum was dumbed down) you will possess enough acumen to follow the discussion.  And by discussion, I mean the nuts and bolts of the actual science and not the information spouted by political hacks using a hoax to perpetuate a crisis mentality.

The EPA decision has far reaching, drastic economic consequences that are not being reported.  There is a comment period now that allows the public to register their support or concern.  You really should take this issue seriously and get informed.  There’s no question that it will directly impact your way of life.

Making your opinion on CO2 and climate change known to the EPA « Watts Up With That?.

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