See You Next Winter, Alta

Closing day at Alta Ski Resort was as perfect as a Spring ski day can be.  The bright sunshine increased the temperature to about 50 degrees and required layers of sunscreen.  In spite of slathering myself with SPF 45, I still managed a few scorch marks.  In accordance with Alta tradition, the slopes were festooned with costume wearing aficionados.  People resplendent in Hawaiian dresses, girls in short shorts and bikinis, a guy in a chicken suit, and I even saw Elvis return from the dead to take in a few runs (if he was ever really dead in the first place).

The snow was fantastic.  Soft and easy turning in the morning, we carved long fast arcs down the groomers.  Joe had a blast in his favorite tree run and Olivia showed off her improved skills acquired over the season.  As the sun drifted higher, the snow continued to soften and soon we were basically water skiing down the slopes, sending rooster tails of frozen slush high in the air with each turn.

As always happens on a spring day, the snow eventually took on a light beige tone and became very grabby.  We retired to the base lodge to enjoy hamburgers and beverages on the patio and let the majestic scenery compete with the outlandish costumes for our attention.

It’s always a meloncholy moment for me,  loading up the car for the last time, knowing that it will be several months before I return.  It was a hell of a season that included some unbelievable days on the steeps but, more importantly, it saw my kids learn greater independence on the slopes, which makes a day less stressful for the adults and helps the kids continue on a path of lifetime enjoyment of this sport.  Jenny’s skills on two sleds is now rivalling her ability on a snowboard.  It won’t be long until she’s giving me a run for my money in Catherine’s Area.   I’m proud of all their their accomplishments and I can’t wait until next year.

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